blaring rooms

traverse everyday spaces of quiet and noise.
turn on sound!

postmortem, 2022

  1. the first room in this project is now completely nonexistent—as in, the building was torn down shortly after the publication of this project in 2017. there's now a shiny new building in its place.
  2. i no longer have card access to several of these rooms. funny to think that this digital file may be the only way i can revisit them.
  3. if you're reading this: hi! thanks for checking out this little thing i made 4.5+ years ago.
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TagsAtmospheric, Experimental, Pixel Art, Twine
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Neat! I don’t have the right words for this but it is cool~~


I really like this, it's so atmospheric and calming, despite being bustling sounds I find annoying in my day to day. It makes you listen to those sounds in a different way!